About Us

Welcome to keep kitty we are a site dedicated to quality cat care and cat welfare. We want you to be able to have a less stressful cat ownership so they are not turned into shelters and everyone could live in peace.

Starting this site was thought of my cat a Maine-coon ginger mix name Peaches. Yes he is a male cat at the time of naming we did not know that he was male so he is a tom-cat named peaches.

Orange part maine-coon cat sitting next to flowers in front of the window
My little orange buddy and influence for the site.

My name is James and I have had him for over 6 years at the time of this page being made. I moved many times with him after my then girlfriend and I split forcing each of us to move out of the apartment we did share. Before him I never had to take care of a cat and it was a handful all I know was I was not going to bring him to a shelter or worse. Not all shelters are bad but I did hear some horror stories.

An interesting read on what happens in a shelter click here.

He did pee a lot out side his litter box after moving. One time even in my current girlfriends bed (Yuck). He did this and I looked up on line and found recourse to combat this and to reduce it in the future.

I did do a good amount of internet research and just talking to other cat owners as well what would and what would not work. Of course talking to my cat’s vet.