Is Your Cat A Sprayer? Are You At Your Wits’ End?Is Your Cat A Sprayer? Are You At Your Wits’ End?


You’re a cat owner, and like any cat owner you love your cat. Cats are lovely, playful, and funny companions. They seem to be the perfect pets.

Until they’re not.

Your furniture gets refaced. Your white walls get recolored. And you’re clean windows are gone. Your beloved furry companion has turned into a four-legged mobile room freshener, but with an unpleasantly distinct aroma: urine.

Your cat is a sprayer and doesn’t seem to care about it. You, on the other hand, feel powerless.

What’s worse, your family is increasingly worried. “Is she sick?” “Should we bring the vet in?” “What needs to be done?”

There’s no denying that everyone loves her because she brings joy to all of you.

But the problem persists.

Undoubtedly, stopping a sprayer is among the most common – and challenging – thing cat owners face. You know that. But your cat doesn’t. And there’s only one way to go through this and coming out successful: training.

If you’re wondering where you should begin, what method you should follow, or which tactic is the most effective, then ask no more. The answer is right here.

Presented in the form of this very helpful guide called Cat Spray Stop, the product outlines an array of proven tactics and techniques designed to prevent your cat from spraying.

By ordering it today, your life will turn from stressful to restful, while your rooms and walls and windows will stay clean.

So What Exactly Is The Cat Spray Stop?

Cat Spray Stop is an all-encompassing guide designed to show cat owners an easy-to-read, easy-to use method to stop their cats from spraying, in a fast and efficient way. Created by Susane Westinghouse, vet and cat specialist, the product provides general guidelines and specific strategies aimed at stopping any cat from spraying, no matter how stubborn or independent he or she may be. In addition, it also includes the unique TTS method for tacking this problem that not only works in stopping the cat from spraying, but also in deterring him to do so in the future.

According to Susane Westinghouse, Cat Spray Stop is perfect for cat owners who are:

  • Caring but cool-headed
  • Action-oriented and able to follow through
  • Able to invest a short amount of time implementing this method
  • Sick and tired of constantly cleaning up the walls, windows and furniture every time the cat unleashes the smelly spray


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